She is the cat of Chaos

See the end of the world folks, one low low price

Can’t afford it? Put it on layaway

Desolation? Yeah, that bitch is here to stay

Feel her teeth? See her bite, she’s a nasty monster of pain and strife

She is the Cat of Chaos and we the meek, bent, broken, bleeding mice

Our conqueror fierce,  her plan is perfection untamed

Destiny her war charriot, wheels with blades, cutting you down

Like thunder, like roaring, like bleek cold wintery storms blowing

You’ll turn your head, and look about, hearing her commanding sound

Fear what you know, but stand in awesome horror at what you don’t

She can’t stop, she is the bitch of quiet destruction, the destroyer of hope

Will she cease, and give us peace?

She won’t

Fear her charriot and ten black horses, their names are woe, and weeping

Hear them now, and find understanding, the names upon their heads are cruel

Plague, Death, Sorrow, Hunger, War, Strife, there is Cutter, and Slasher his wife

These are but some of the names her horses go under, as they pillage and plunder

Worst of all is Hell, and Chaos, the mighty two steads, their destiny is in the lead

Together these black horses of Satanic fury rape our minds and steal our imaginations

They are together, her quiet desolation

An end of an age, the beginning of a dark night, cold winters, and lonely sight

Blindness would be better, ignorance preferred, hopes and dreams…


End of the world, beginning of the new

Seek peace, but find it not, no longer there, not for me, not for you


Copyright (c) 2009 by Gregory D. Welch


~ by shadesoftruth on February 28, 2009.

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