Just a quick update…

Yes, I’ve been rather silent lately. You haven’t imagined it, nor have I given up on you. I would say sorry, but I see that overdone. So, I won’t.
I will say it was for a good cause though. I’ve been working my writing arse off on finalizing a novel to submit in a contest come February. Should I make it far enough and you have an account on Amazon.com, won’t you be so kind as to read my work and give me your support?
I appreciate all of you who take the time as it is, and it doesn’t go unnoticed. Writers are an emotional and needy bunch. (Hey, easy now, I’m just speaking the truth here)
Anyways, the update I’m making is this, you can now find some of my work on Smashwords.com, and will likely save some money for those piece I actually put a price on. The catch—if you can call it that—is they’re ebook format, but, so far I’ve let you the public decide the fair price.
So, get your ebooks over there, and check out all the other authors who are independent and trying their damnedest for just a little respect. Trust me, we all need it.

Your Constant Writer,



~ by shadesoftruth on January 21, 2009.

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