Love in the Dark Romance

How is that a thing as repulsive as a Vampire, with an undead and cold heart feel the burning fires of love and passion? How then can a beast of rage, biting teeth and fury madness fall victim to a single arrow shot from Cupid’s magic bow? How  can it be that a mindless corpse of rotting flesh and gnashing teeth wonder through the heartland and still yet retain but one last memory, love gained and love lost?

Love is the undying theme of greatness it would seem. Fight it or embrace it, love touches us all. Perhaps that is the mystery of how such  a great and sometimes jovial thing as this can intertwine so wonderfully with something dark, horrific and often times revulting. Love is the great hope, the high aspiration, the thing more often than not just out of reach. Love is one of the few common strands of humanity that in one way or another ties us all together.

But Love has a dark side. Oh yes indeed. And that darkside is the very root of truly memorable if not classic Dark Fiction.

Call it what you will, the Dark Romance, the Gothic Tale, or a work of Dark Fiction plain and simple. But the story that meshes these two icons of life and all its struggles therein, is a story that often outgrows the unprepared writer. They take on an air of their own accord, and soar to brilliant new heights. Or in the case of truly Dark Fiction, they sink to the depths of Dante’s Chilling Hell.

Why is that?

Horror, the emotion, is a thing of repulsion. The thing we strive to free ourselves from, to run and flee. To escape. The Horrific monster is no less worthy of this endeavor. It is this monster bound with that one great desire of humanity—love—that both connects us to, and thoroughly revulses us from it.  Who was it that once said, “It’s better to Love and Lose than to never Lose at all”? It surely wasn’t a writer of Horror. Love is perhaps the perfect chisel for making a truly grotesque monster.

A beast of merely brute force and savage ways can be killed and put down. But a monster of same strength having tasted the sweet sensations of Love is an undying beast. Passion is the great instigator as well as the great inspiration. Passion’s fire fuels both rage and jealousy to no ends, even if love is returned. Add to that the Dark Monster and what you get is a Hellatious little tale of truly lasting value.


~ by shadesoftruth on December 15, 2008.

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